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Restoring Damaged Photos - Bring Your Photos Back To Life

At RednBlack Studio, a photograph isn't just an image; it's a long lasting memory to revisit- not just for you and your family, but for generations to come.

The art of photo restoration became particularly popular in the 1940's, where a Japanese photographer created a colour-in technique and inserted colour in black and white photographs.

Since then, more subcategories of photo restoration have been invented and implemented, all created in accordance to the damage or deterioration of the photograph.

In 2020, the advancement of photo restoration sees transforming seemingly unsalvageable images into fresh photographs. This comes in handy for a son who only has one photograph of his mom who has passed on, or a scribbled on photograph of a dad with his grandparents, and wants to show his kids.

Whatever the circumstance - the sentimental value of an image is quite high.

Let's explore popular photo restoration methods for you to try at home.

1. Image Separation With Water

The gelatinous emulsion of a photograph acts like an adhesive when it becomes moist through storage. As a result, pictures may stick together when they are exposed to moisture or high levels of humidity. Trying to separate them can result in tearing and loss of portions of the image so never do that.

Rather soak them in distilled water for 2-5 minutes and once separated, hang on a wire with a clip to dry.

2. Heat

Remove photos that are stuck to plastic or glass with heat, a hairdryer is best suited for this method. Put hairdryer on a low temperature and lightly pull images apart as they start to loosen up.

3. Acid Free Tape

Using regular tape to repair torn photographs will only cause more damage over time. You can secure a tear on a photograph by using acid-free tape. Look for an archival tape or tape with an acrylic adhesive at an office supply or stationary store to repair and protect your photographs. Cut small pieces of tape and secure the tear on the back of the photograph.

For more professional services on restoring your photographs, Whatsapp SHOOT to 0782751037 and we will give you a consultation.

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