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Candice Makala: Selling the art of photography, 4 years running.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We sat down with one of our lead sales consultants, Candice, on her four year journey at RednBlack Studio.

Joining the studio in its early years, Candice Makala, 27, has experienced RednBlack Studio grow into one of the best photography studios in Johannesburg, while molding her into the powerhouse sales consultant she is today.

"It has honestly been a joyride working at the studio. No pitch, client or photoshoot has ever been the same - that's the beauty of my job."

Describing RednBlack Studio as unique in the industry, she explains how her marketing and hosting background helped her get into the groove of not only selling, but selling the magical experience of the photoshoot process.

"I already knew how to engage and connect with people in a corporate environment, but the photoshoot process, from pitching to presenting the images to the client, makes the sales experience a whole lot more wholesome."

What makes RednBlack Studio a stand out option?

"Service is our number one priority. We make sure each part of the process is efficient, creative and serves to make our client happy. We're creating long lasting memories that tap into human connection for our clients."

What do you enjoy the most about working at RednBlack Studio?

"We have a great team. Everyone plays their part which helps with the customer experience and producing amazing images for our clients."

What is the craziest client photoshoot you've had?

"A client had her water break during her pregnancy shoot and gave birth the following day! We later found out that the different positions she was being put in by the photographer were actually labour-inducing exercises. She was thankful to the photographer because she had passed her due date and was waiting (im)patiently for her little one."

What's the one thing people don't know about you?

"I can be extremely shy, working in sales, people think I'm super confident all the time, but actually not."

In three words, how would you describe RednBlack Studio?

"Unique. Client eccentric. Professional."

How was your photoshoot experience at RednBlack Studio? Tell us by commenting below! We'd love to hear your stories. For more information on how to book your next photoshoot, please visit www.rednblackstudio.co.za or alternatively visit our Facebook page to view our images.