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Photoshoot Makeup - 5 Essential Tips For Camera Ready Makeup

So you've booked your photoshoot, chosen an outfit for the theme and even an appointment at the hair salon has been made with a picture of Gabrielle Union attached to your booking form - because you want the best of the best.

Makeup is one of those things you may or may not think about for your photoshoot, but crucial when it comes to the quality of your pictures if you choose to get it done.

The number one thing to remember about makeup for photoshoots is that the human eye sees things differently from the camera lens, so don't rely on public opinion and the mirror for your photoshoot makeup.

With that said, let's look at 5 essential makeup tips for your next photoshoot.

1. Apply a little more makeup than your day to day look

Generally, when you take a photo and you have makeup on, it won't show up on the picture as it would in real life. This is intensified with studio photography. So getting make up done for your photoshoot will require you to be a little extra generous when applying it.

2. Apply your makeup in natural light

So you're being a little generous with your makeup and your next thought is "won't I look a tad bit cakey?" To answer your question, yes, you will look cakey - if not done in natural light. Anything that looks good in natural light will look good in any light, especially studio lighting. So get in front of that big bay window and get that natural light for your makeup application.

3. Blend your makeup into your neck area

As obvious as this tip sounds, it needs to be reiterated. Matching your face to your neck will even out your whole body skin tone and you will achieve a natural look in your pictures. Nobody wants a clown look in their pictures, so avoid the circus by doing some blending.

4. Make sure your outfit compliments your makeup

This tip - not so obvious. If your outfit doesn't flatter your make up, the pictures may not be so great. E.g if the colours of your clothes don't compliment your makeup, the whole image will clash and will come out terribly. So always pick your outfit and makeup look simultaneously for your photoshoot.

5. Test your makeup before your shoot.

Testing your makeup before your photoshoot is the best thing you could do to get that perfect look for your photos. Not only should you test your makeup application, but also take test shots with your phone. Your phone camera settings should be on normal with no enhancements and filters. Your test shots should also be taken in natural light to give you an idea of how the images will come out. This will have you extra prepared for your shoot.

What's your makeup routine? How will you be implementing the above tips when doing your photoshoot makeup? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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