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Newborn Photography: How to prepare and what to expect.

You're a new parent and you're in awe of this little human being you've created. You're probably staring at them for hours at a time and giving them countless kisses - you want these moments to last forever.

So why not create a time machine in the form of a photograph? Where you return to this magical time and remember how cute and tiny your children were before they started negotiating a raise in their allowance, or nagging to borrow the car.

Professional newborn photographs are on the rise in popularity because parents don't want photos of their newborn to be just grandma's endless one-angled snapping in the delivery room, or dads bad selfies of trying to prove that his hand is as big as the new bundle of joy.

So you've decided to hire a photographer and you're gearing up for your baby's very first photoshoot - here are 4 tips on how to prepare and what to expect.

1. Shoot needs to be done in the first two weeks after birth.

Not only will you capture their very first days in the world, but their bodies are loose enough to put in all the cute poses you've been thinking about throughout your pregnancy and ideas you've pinned down on Pinterest.

2. Feed and change your baby right before your shoot.

Make sure your baby is well fed before the shoot so they’re less fidgety. Always bring formula to the shoot or prepare for breastfeeding breaks during the session.

3. Avoid putting clothes on your newborn

Besides the images being more heartwarming with your baby's buttocks up in the air, babies are just getting comfortable in their skin and clothes may make them irritable. If you want to dress your baby up, keep it at one item and it should be a tight fit.

4. Be prepared to be involved in the shoot.

Newborn photography is the only area of photography where the photographer is solely responsible for making sure the image comes out beautiful; as the subject isn't necessarily receptive at this point. This is where you come in. You'll be helping with soothing the baby, making sure they're comfortable and getting them in positions to get those beautiful shots. This also allows you to bond with your child while making memories.

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